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  • What is Desktop Virtualisation? A virtual desktop environment is a system whereby rather than a user being to access their normal (computer) environment from their PC, it is accessed via the Internet using outside and separate resources. This means that when user

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  • 10 SMB Tips for securing data

    Top Ten Things Small Businesses Must Know About Protecting and Securing Their Business Data.

  • VoIP Implementation in the Contact Center

    Within the next five years, half of all contact centers will standardize on VoIP, with the majority opting for “softphones,” PC-based digital telephony applications. Softphones, which require a voice I/O device through either the sound card or the USB port, are expected to be very popular. Read how Plantronics can make a difference.

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  • Improve inventory processes & efficiency by 30%

    “Our productivity and overall warehouse management has really been improved by implementing the mobile computers and wireless infrastructure. In some cases, we’ve improved efficiency by 30%, which is a significant increase when the company is moving thousands of pallets every day. In fact, the scheme has been so successful that it earned Hamé a listing in the international best practice logistical journal BestLog.” – Martin Štrupl, director of logistics and distribution at Hamé

  • Positive impact on productivity

    Prior to the test adoption of wireless headsets, sales managers described the centrality of the number of calls made to productivity: “the more calls made, the more deals made.” An evaluation of production conducted pre and post-implementation showed a 7.5% to 20% increase in new opportunities, depending on the sales team.

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